Monday, May 24, 2010

Backstage Bravos

Every minute of a Houston Grand Opera performance reflects hours of careful preparation. The artists and technicians in the HGO Technical Department comprise five different teams: Costumes, Wigs and Makeup; Electrics and Sound; Stage Management; Properties (“Props”); and Carpentry. Artists and technicians work throughout the year on every detail of each HGO opera—from the special effects of a tumbling bridge to the hairs on every singer’s head.
This spring the Houston Grand Opera Technical Department celebrated the year’s achievements over a feast of Texas-style bar-b-que. HGO Technical Director Perryn Leech awarded one member from each department for their special contributions throughout the season.

2009-10 Technicians of the Year
Mr. “Cadillac” Bob Baker, Carpentry Technician of the Year
Ms. Mercedez Ramirez, Technician of the Year for Costumes, Wigs and Make-up
Ms. Terri Batcheller, Electrics and Sound Technician of the Year
Mr. Christopher Staub, Stage Management Technician of the Year
Mr. John Gorey, Properties Technician of the Year
The coveted title of overall Technician of the Year went to a joyful Mercedes Ramirez.

Photo credit: Megan

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