Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final Performances in Paris

Our final 3 performances were spectacular...every performance had a standing ovation. The cast rose to the enormous challenge of 6 shows in 5 days and are rightly proud of themselves, the piece and the overwhelming crowd reaction to their performances. The final performance in Paris was as electric as the first night and the rhythmic clapping was like another number added to the show. Jean Luc Choplin who is the General Director at the Châtelet was onstage at the end hugging and kissing everyone and saying how he had no idea that Parisians would or indeed could react in such a way.

I have had inquiries from quite literally all over the world and we are hopeful that some of these will lead to future opportunities to show that relevant new work is not only needed but can engage new audiences and broaden the appeal of what we all do

To everyone who helps make HGO the stellar company it is - supporters, subscribers, Guild, performers, technical staff and administrative staff: thanks from all of us for this very proud day.

Signing off from France with very best wishes,

Managing Director
Houston Grand Opera 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Adieu a Paris

Adieu a Paris...we're all on our way home, after six successful evenings
at the Châtelet.

The dress rehearsal was as perfect as you could ask for - which set us up for an electric first night. The singers, cast and production staff worked so hard and the developing of relationships with the HGO crew and people at the
Châtelet has been wonderful to watch. The crew of the Châtelet have been so supportive and they now have Mariachi music in their souls! I am very proud of how everyone here has represented HGO and the quality that they bring to their work.

From the very first night, the singers absolutely brought their A game and delivered a wonderfully strong and moving performance. They had the audience with them from start to finish and were absolute superstars on a stage full of stars.

What can you say about Vargas that hasn't already been said? Boy, are they showmen! - they feed off the passion and energy of a full house and seemed about a foot taller than the previous day. They were certainly louder! The curtain call each night was extraordinary ...if we had not brought the house lights up we might still be there now! Each performance was just as good, if not better, than the one before.

This is the next step in the evolution of the show - I think it will continue to grow and develop. Lenny Foglia is a master story teller and draws performances and paints pictures like few others. It is truly incredible how many sombreros he has worn on this show - he is its

We send love and thanks from a little corner of Paris that has been the Hispanic Quarter for the past few days.

Mucho gusto


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Greetings from Paris

Greetings from Paris, where we are a little more than 24 hours away from opening night at the Châtelet. The cast and the team behind Cruzar la cara de la luna are excited and ready to bring down the house with our made-in-Texas Mariachi opera!

I’m pleased to share with you
this editorial from this morning’s HOUSTON CHRONICLE, which talks about our activities here in Paris and in Houston that bring acclaim and vitality to the city we call home.

HGO is becoming more relevant and important to our growing metropolis. These programs are two examples of how we embrace and serve our community. This is only possible through your continued patronage and support. Many, many thanks!

Perryn Leech

Managing Director
Houston Grand Opera