Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houston Loves Lohengrin

Wagner's mystical Lohengrin opened Friday Oct. 30. Here's what our patrons are saying about Wagner's mythic intrigue!

"As I try to describe what I felt during and after HGO's amazing production of Lohengrin, I keep coming back to this: WOW! This production is one of the the best opera performances I have seen--I should say 'experienced'--in Houston. Patrick Summers and Richard Bado are brilliant at bringing such beautiful, large, other-worldly sounds out of the orchestra and chorus. Every single cast member is spot-on perfect. I'm going back!"--Beth Cunningham

"Christine Goerke (Ortrud) and Adrianne Pieczonka (Elsa) were just amazing. The orchestra and chorus blew me away." (anonymous)

"It's not very often that we get to hear Wagner. I've seen many productions at the Bayreuth Festival but I've never seen Lohengrin before tonight. The singing is excellent." --Ed Lieberman

"It's a great show!"--A.P.

"The music is really beautiful. I never thought a man singing almost without orchestra, standing over a simple library table could make me weep."--M.L.

photos by Felix Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Christine Goerke is an amazing OPrtrud. I love this cast! Please bring them all back!! - SJB, New York, NY

Christian Schaaf said...

Great to have Wagner back in Houston!