Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Paper Chase...continued

The search for the 1937 London Times for Previn's world premiere of Brief Encounter in the Spring has been successful!

With the actual paper found the fun part begins. Scans for this project proved to be a very difficult task because the paper is such a large format and much larger than those printed today (46 cm wide and 60 cm high). This problem was solved by the good Pieter Collier of scanning smaller parts of the paper at the original location, emailing them to me here in Houston where I piece them together and then print them on a large format printer fitted with actual newsprint paper. What you will see on the stage will look and act like a real newspaper because, well, it was created much like an actual newspaper is made. It will fold and move like an newspaper because of the weight and qualities of the newsprint. Although I doubt that anyone in the audience will realize that they are looking at an actual reproduction of a 1937 London Times paper with its date, headlines, photos and advertisements…but the fun is in the details…just a part of what makes grand opera "grand".

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